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Case Study: Financial Services Company Transforms Data Strategy to Deliver Daily Reporting Drives ROI Exceeding $250K

A private financial services company known for its diverse range of investment strategies and a reputation for discreet and personalized wealth management services. With a history of success, they offer solutions to high-net-worth individuals and institutions seeking to grow and protect their assets through both traditional and alternative investments.


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Case Study: Oil & Gas Company Transformative Journey Transitioning to a Streamlined, Technology-Driven Approach

Founded post-World War I, the American Oil Company emerged to supply petroleum for the burgeoning internal combustion engine era. Over the years, the company evolved marked by growth and diversity, the company focuses on customer-centric goals, offering high-quality products and custom solutions. With a commitment to excellence, the oil and gas company actively grows its fleet, inventory, and facilities, embodying a dedication to delivering exceptional service daily.


Case Study: Equipment Rental Industry Leader Transforms Legacy Challenges into Future Success

A leading player in the equipment rental industry, this company boasts a vast and diverse inventory catering to the ever-evolving needs of businesses. Renowned for its commitment to quality and reliability, it stands as a go-to resource for construction, industrial, and commercial projects. With a customer-centric approach and an expansive network, this industry stalwart continues to redefine excellence in equipment rental, empowering businesses to thrive with the right tools for the job.

Case Study: Driving real-time actionable insights and reporting efficiencies for Institutional Research

Many colleges and universities face challenges in data management as they handle vast amounts of information related to students, faculty, finances, and operations. With the increasing digitization of records and the growth of online education, institutions often grapple with issues like data security, integration of various systems, and maintaining data accuracy while striving to fulfill timely regulatory and board reporting requirements.

These struggles arise from adapting to evolving technologies, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations (FERPA, etc.), and streamlining processes for efficient data utilization. Additionally, the complexity of managing diverse data sources, such as student information systems, research databases, and financial records, poses a significant hurdle.

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Case Study: Automating Data Model Creation and Centralized Access Control

A leading waste management and environmental services company in the United States offering services such as collection, recycling, transfer, and disposal of non-hazardous solid waste and recyclable materials focused on sustainability. The company serves various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, energy, and government agencies, and recently expanded its footprint in the environmental services sector to enhance its capabilities in managing hazardous waste (e.g. radiological, biological, etc.), disaster cleanup, and specialized environmental solutions. The company now offers a more diversified platform to address the evolving needs of customers and regulatory requirements in waste management and environmental protection.

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Case Study: Building a Data Warehouse

US Ecology is a company on an upward growth curve as a result of numerous industry acquisitions. They maintain a leading global position in toxic waste management, perpetual nuclear waste storage, and environmental restoration and clean-up services. Their business units and department leaders desired to be more data-driven in their analysis and decision processes.

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Case Study: TeraData to Snowflake in 99 days 

Micron is a global semiconductor manufacturer that build roughly a third of the world’s memory.  In their hi-tech manufacturing process, tiny variances cause costly declines in quality and product yield.  To remain competitive, constant innovation is a necessity.   The same goes for both their product and their IT capabilities.

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Case Study: Data Security in Schools

West Ada School District is responsible for ensuring that their staff members have the information they need to support the children in their care while simultaneously protecting student privacy by providing no more information than each staff member needs to know. 

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Worlds’ Largest Commerical Data Vault

Our Principal, Mike Magalsky, helped to build the world’s largest data vault. It was 10 trillion rows and grew daily by about 50 billion rows. 

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