Data Governance 

At infoVia, we understand that governing data goes beyond just managing it – it’s about orchestrating an environment where data is a strategic asset. Our Data Governance offers a holistic approach to managing your data while safeguarding its confidentiality and integrity.   

Data Governance

infoVia assists organizations in establishing robust Data Governance frameworks and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. We develop policies, processes, and controls to govern data usage, security, privacy, and ethical considerations. 

Access Control Administration: Access control is the cornerstone of data security. With our Access Control Administration, we implement robust access management mechanisms that safeguard your data from unauthorized access while enabling you to share it broadly. Through role-based access, user authentication, and data classification, we ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information. We work closely with your organization to establish policies, standards, and guidelines that define how data is collected, stored, processed, and shared. With a clear governance strategy in place, you can ensure that data is treated as a valuable corporate asset. 

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