Don’t quarantine your data…liberate it!

In times of uncertainty, tendencies are to isolate and restrict access. This goes for our personal lives, and also applies to our organizations…especially when sensitive information is in play. However, maybe we should consider a radical, alternative approach.

Realizing the value in our data is paramount to effectively identifying and seizing opportunities. They key is simultaneously mitigating risk. What if your organization could have it both ways…minimizing risk of data leaks while increasing efficiency in your workforce and customer base? Streamlining access to data and information is the answer.

infoVia offers infoSecur, a pragmatic approach to data security that helps you provide data access across your entire organization more easily while better controlling your risk.  Using best practices developed in the world’s most secure organizations coupled with the power of your existing technology, infoSecur makes it simple to manage data security and enforce it at the data layer…even at the cell level.

Sound complex? It isn’t. Organizations protecting national secrets and valuable intellectual property have been doing it for years. It protects patents, PII, national secrets, and even healthcare data.  Now with infoVia’s infoSecur methodology, organizations of all shapes and sizes can easily and pragmatically adopt this modern approach.  It’s simply safe, consistently governed, quickly delivered, widely accessed, yet never compromised.

Kent Graziano, a.k.a., the Data Warriorwrites: “infoVia offers a service called infoSecur to help any organization secure their data… IMO [the] best and simplest data security framework I have seen.” And there’s more. Yes, it can help you comply with HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, FERPA…virtually any regulations and requirements that drive toward keeping private data private.

In just hours, infoVia can help you assess your data environment and implement a proof of concept on your own data platform, whether on premise or in the cloud.  It works on any relational database management system and is portable.  infoSecur ensures that all access methods (including dashboards, reports, applications, data science models, and even ad-hoc queries) play by the same rules, consistently across your organization.  The result is strong data governance and access management, streamlining data policy management to a consistent, centralized set of policies stored as metadata…yes, structured data, not just dusty policy documents and limited tribal knowledge.

Wide data access and tight security can co-exist.  And data-driven organizations who aim to generously provide greater data accessibility across their enterprises, while implementing data protection strategies and methodologies like infoSecur, will be the ones to better compete in times of uncertainty.

So, resist the urge to quarantine your data… now is the time to liberate it. Read more about infoSecur here, and contact us at infoVia for a free, 30-minute consultation today.

Michael Magalsky, President & Principal Architect

About the author

Michael Magalsky is President & Principal Architect at infoVia and enjoys The Great Data Adventure almost as much as The Great Outdoors. He lives with his family in Boise, Idaho and consults and speaks globally on data architecture and security.

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