Embarking on the Great Data Adventure is akin to undertaking risky wilderness pursuits like rafting the River of No Return Wilderness or climbing Mt. Borah.  

Earlier this month, I checked off two items on my personal bucket list with friends. We rafted the River of No Return Wilderness and climbed the highest peak in Idaho, Mt. Borah. 

Both required special skills and knowledge of the landscape. Failure can cost life, limb, and cash. To ensure success and safety, we took a guide.  

Just as these activities demand specialized skills and guidance to avoid peril, data initiatives also require expert navigation. Many organizations, in their pursuit of ambitious data objectives, often underestimate the hazards and costs involved. It reminds me of many data initiative situations I have seen over the years with organizations setting lofty objectives and often overlooking the costs and dangers…setting themselves up for failure.  

Looking back at my lessons learned over the past decades, I can clearly recommend hiring an experienced ‘guide’ who has ‘been there…done that’. A professional services organization that understands the hazards to avoid and the best practices to embrace should be leveraged fully to help companies navigate their data journey.  

InfoVia, drawing from its extensive experience in successfully completing numerous data projects, serves as your professional guide. We offer valuable insights into technology, method selection, and implementation, akin to a seasoned adventurer who knows treacherous terrain and best practices.  

When you choose infoVia, you’re essentially securing ‘success insurance’ for your data journey. Much like the challenges encountered while navigating natural obstacles like Mt. Borah’s “Chicken Out Ridge” or the Salmon River’s “Vinegar Creek Rapids,” data management projects can be fraught with pitfalls such as vague objectives and confusing technologies. To ensure a triumphant expedition, it’s prudent to enlist the expertise of a data guide like infoVia. Your team can confidently navigate the path to success with our guidance.