We help companies with sensitive data share their data securely, confidently and consistently. Our infoSecur software tool grants appropriate access internally with employees and externally with partners, customers and vendors.

Data is an Asset

Share it Widely. Protect it Fiercely.

infoSecur provides a low-code approach to apply policies that govern who receives what data. Share only the appropriate data to people, partners, and third parties through reports, apps, dashboards, and even direct queries.

infoSecur is easy to implement, technology agnostic and requires minimal data skills to use (SQL only). No new technology is needed to adopt infoSecur. It works with any BI tool but doesn’t require a BI expert to provision and share data.

Traditional set-based data provisioning often leads to data delivery bottlenecks, limited data accessibility and heavier IT resource and management needs. With infoVia’s policy-based data provisioning tool, teams can quickly and widely deliver business intelligence while ensuring sensitive data remains in the hands of only those whose roles require it.

Protect Your Data

Security at the cell level makes infoSecur the best product to protect your data.

Technology Agnostic

Works with any relational database on cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.


Layer of security for future growth to near-infinite users.

Simplify Provisioning

Easy to use interface for administering user management and provisioning.

Easy to Implement

Works within your current architecture and without downstream impacts.


Optimized to transfer the heavy lifting appropriately to the database .

Deliver Access

Users gain the access they need to utilize your data and provide solutions.

Instant Data Provisioning

Grant access to users with any level of permissions and roles.

Future Proof

Configurable compliance with expanding data protection and de-identification laws​         (e.g., HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, CaCPA)

“infoSecur is the best and simplest data security framework I have seen.”

Kent Graziano

Former Chief Technical Evangelist, Snowflake

You have questions. We’ve got answers.

Why is infoSecur special?

No other solution is as lightweight and performant.  It uses the capabilities of the technology your organization already has.  It is easy to implement, learn, and reasonable to manage. 

There is no other layer or point in your data environment where you can achieve optimum reuse and consistency. 

High productivity and low risk…  You can have both! 

What does infoSecur require?

A curious and inquisitive team culture with management support. 
A relational database or similar technology that supports views and joins. 
Trusted identity of the end user at the data layer.

What's the best time to implement infoSecur?

Starting early is best because you can architect the solution into your entire architecture:  data model, database layer, software layer, reporting tools, etc. 

We’ve already implemented our data warehouse. Is it too late?

No, infoSecur can be added on to most any data platform.  Depending on your data model, there may be some amount of re-engineering and re-modeling, but usually that is minimal. 

Why not just secure my tables themselves?

First, there are too many of them.  Second, requirements change and you need to react to change easily.  Third, when you combine users, their roles, and the data, the permutations of security requirements grow exponentially and become unmanageable.

Can’t I just use filtering at the client or in the reporting tool?

You could, but that is not consistent.  You are trusting that a team or teams of developers, reporting analysts, and users all implement the security rules in the same way and understand them sufficiently to be consistent and thorough.  That is a dangerous assumption. 

I provision data files for my users and it works. Why change?

First, it’s risky and untrustworthy.  If humans are involved in building those data files, mistakes will be made and data will be inadvertently leaked. It’s just a matter of time. 

Second, it’s not scalable.  You would hope your data becomes more valuable and demands increase over time.  As that progresses, the requirements become complex and the number of data sets (files) grows and the risk grows exponentially with each copy of data you make. 

Third, it wastes everyone’s time – both inside your organization and for your customers/users/partners. 

How does infoSecur perform?

Since it leverages the database technologies, which today are highly capable of query optimization, it seldom adds noticeable overhead.  At worst, the overhead increase is usually within 5% linearly. Often the query performance actually improves because of the optimization inherent in the methodology.

Does it work with all data models?

Data Vault, Dimensional/Star-Schema, and 3rd Normal Form (3NF) are all optimal. Other models like tabular, graph, etc. can be made to accommodate, as can hyper-normalized models like Anchor or Focal.

Can I implement infoSecur in my analytic “cube”?


Can it extend to my source systems or transactional databases?

Typically Yes

What Industries can it protect?
  • Health Care HIPAA, Patient Privacy 
  • Global Manufacturing  
  • Insurance   
  • Education
  • Government 
  • Services 
  • Hi Tech
  • Trade Secrets 
  • Contractual Obligations 
  • FERPA, Student Privacy 
  • Information Classification 
  • Multi-Tenancy Client Protection
  • Intellectual Property Non-Disclosure 
What skills are required to set it up?

After initial setup, your DBA can completely back away.  Developers with basic SQL skills can implement incremental enhancements with ease based on infoSecur’s patterns.  Users need no new skills at all.  Its strength is in its simplicity.

How many people need to manage it?

After a few days of initial setup and training, 1-3 analysts can easily manage policies for an entire data environment to be shared with even tens of thousands of diverse users.  It is usually a part-time job.

Ready to Start?

In under two weeks, you can implement infoSecur to better protect your data, simplify IT data provisioning and user management, and deliver more to your organization – all while learning industry-leading practices and implementation techniques. Curious about how we deliver results?

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