Spoiler Alert:  Well, just a one-liner rather; not a plot spoiler at all.  So read on without fear…  🙂

Our family took in the new Spider-Man movie this week.  A good flick it was, we all agreed.  It includes one of my new favorite movie quotes.  Peter Parker rhetorically asks Doctor Strange, “Know what’s cooler than magic?”   See below for his answer. 

It reminded me of a conversation we at infoVia had recently with a savvy customer, Kathy.   We had just told her how infoVia’s infoSecur helps organizations provide their data exactly as it SHOULD BE viewed by authorized users requiring only minimal management overhead.  It is a lightweight, elegant, even revolutionary way to share data…whether inside or external to your organization.  And it actually even speeds up queries in most cases.

“It’s MAGIC!!”, Kathy exclaimed.  She realized no other solution offers comparable speed, flexibility, and ease of access.

“Actually, it’s MATH”, we replied.  “Set Theory, to be precise.” 

infoSecur elegantly uses mathmetical Set Theory concepts like subsets, unions, and intersections to match users with the sensitive data they need to know. 

Plus that math is something all data tools are good at, so infoSecur just plays nicely with whatever technology already exists in the enterprise architecture. Policies are easy to maintain.  User access is streamlined.  Risk is minimized.  IT stress is eliminated.  Executives are informed.  Everyone wins!

Wanna know more?   infoSecur’s data objects auto-magically (ok, we made up that term) transform into the necessary form based on who is asking.  Imagine having just a single Customer report or dimension that “morphs” into the filtered rows and masked columns appropriate for any individual user to see.   Same for Product, or Employee, or Sales Transaction.  And those polymorphic, simple, business-focused views can be accessed by any SQL interface or BI tool or federation technology or AI model.  There’s no magic, just math that uses the technologies you already know and love.  What’s not to LOVE about that!!

You see, as any organization matures their data platform, both value and risk increase.  That’s good and bad news.  While integrated data becomes extremely useful for data-driven decisions, that one-stop-shop is a target for breaches, whether nefarious or accidental.  But managing data access doesn’t need to be laborious.  Fortunately, infoSecur offers an elegant, revolutionary approach to simplified and secure access governance.  The secret to infoSecur is its polymorphic views which provide seamless access for consistent, secure data consumption…easing the user experience while bolstering governance and risk management simultaneously.  And it’s lightning fast too!!  That’s the power of MATH!

Our customer mentioned above, Kathy, is very smart with tons of experience and has a cool job leading a growing company that does neat things, so we took her feedback as a strong compliment.  Thanks, Kathy!!  We’re not magicians, just mathematicians.  No spells or rabbits in a hat, but we do have an Ace up our sleeve!  It’s infoSecur.

“Know what’s cooler than magic?    Math!!!”, exclaimed Spider-Man.  See math in action withinfoSecur, while making your data access seamless and easy.  Oh, and also see math in action in Spider-Man:  No Way Home.  We recommend it.

Happy New Year from infoVia.  

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