It’s Valentine’s Day! At the risk of being corny, we’re going to write about love. 

Which is harder to find? A lifelong relationship or a fantastic data engineer.

There are so many opportunities to transform data into practical decision-making in 2022. As such, we need to be smarter about how we use data science and data engineering teams. We believe at infoVia that the answer is Automation. We automate everything that we can automate. We stop doing manual data ingestion if it is not interesting or something new. We automate data modeling because we identified patterns that help to make data useful. We can take those abstracts and allow users to easily consume them. We automate data governance because data quality monitoring SLA’s and data security are too important to leave to chance. Humans make mistakes.  Instead, use metadata, patterns, and automation to provision your data to your end-users and you will avoid a breach in the future. Sanjeev Mohan from the Eckerson Group estimates that privacy breaches and fines will top over $1B in 2022. Don’t let that be your company. 

If you’re having trouble finding talent and growing your data engineering, data science, or data integration teams consider using automation as a key to better productivity. This Valentine’s Day, our reminder is this; that all you need is love, a few good data professionals, and automation.